Symposia & Program

C-4 Synthesis of functional materials for next generation innovative devices applications (3rd Bilateral MRS-J / E-MRS symposium)



Prof. Chaoyang Li Kochi University of Technology, Japan
Prof. Masahiro Yoshimura National Cheng Kung University,Taiwan


Dr. Satoru Kaneko Kanagawa Industrial Technology Center, Japan
Prof. Hiroaki Nishikawa Kinki University, Japan


Prof. Tamio Endo Sagamihara Surface Laboratory
Prof. Nan Jiang Ningbo Institute of Materials Technology and Engineering, China
Dr. Katherine Develos-Bagarinao AIST Tsukuba
Prof. Yuri Strzhemechny Texas Christian University, USA
Prof. Jih-Jen Wu National Cheng Kung University,Taiwan
Prof. Nobuyuki Iwata Nihon University, Japan
Prof. Motofumi Suzuki Kyoto University
Prof. Norbert Fruehauf University of Stuttgart, Germany
Prof. Elvira Fortunato Universidade Nova de Lisboa, Portugal


This symposium will highlight on syntheses of functional materials for future applications. We discuss chemical and physical processes, focusing on low and high temperature processes, and on low and high energy processes. We also discuss on relations among structures, properties and performances of variety of materials. The symposium covers materials chemistry and materials physics for biomaterials, thin films, metals, semiconductors, optoelectronic materials, fine ceramics, magnetics, superconductors, polymers, meso-materials, nano-materials and composites, etc. Surface and interface sciences, and materials degradations and reliability, are also discussed relating to the syntheses. We arrange a special session on electrochemical syntheses and catalytic materials such as TiO2 with respect to a Keynote Talk by Prof. Akira Fujishima.


1. Low and high temperature, and low and high energy syntheses of functional materials, and applications.

2. Meso and nano scale materials syntheses, and applications.
3. Organic polymers, organic-inorganic hybrids and composites, and applications.
4. Biomaterials and biotechnologies for applications.
5. Theories and simulations of materials chemistry and physics.
6. Electrochemical syntheses.
7. Recent developments and practical uses of catalytic materials such as TiO2.

Keynote Speakers & Invited Speakers (tentative)