Symposium : D-6 : Resource Efficiency and Material Technology
Poster Session
  *Award marks are B:Bachelor, M:Master, D:Doctor, G:General
Entry No Presentation Date Award Presenter Affiliation Paper Title
Aug. 31Poster presentations
Clock Tower Hall, 2nd Floor  
3307   D6-P1-001 Aug. 31   *D Atsushi AKAI Toyota Central R&D Labs., Inc. and Kobe University Fatigue Damage Evaluation of α+β Brass C2801 through Dissipated Energy Measurement by Infrared Thermography
Sep. 1Poster presentations
Clock Tower Hall, 2nd Floor 
3615   D6-P1-002 Sep. 1   Masahide HAGIRI National Institute of Technology, Fukushima College Hydroxyapatite Coating on Volcanic Glass Microballons by the Homogeneous Precipitation Process
2620   D6-P1-003 Sep. 1   Hsuan-Ying CHEN KAOHSIUNG MEDICAL UNIVERSITY Ring-Opening Polymerization of -Caprolactone and L-Lactide by Using Aluminum Complexes Bearing Benzothiazole Ligands as Catalysts
2956   D6-P1-004 Sep. 1   *M Takamasa KANEKO Chubu National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology,Materials Chemistry Course, Graduate School of Engineering, Aichi Institute of Technology Optimization of carboxyl-functionalized mesoporous silica for selective adsorption of dysprosium
2769   D6-P1-005 Sep. 1   Qingge FENG School of Environment, Guangxi University, East University Road No. 100, Nanning 530004, China Solid Phase Synthesis and Property of Titanium Dioxide Supported on Rice Husk with Sulfur Doped
2112   D6-P1-006 Sep. 1   Yu LIU Beijing University of Technology Life Cycle Assessment of Beneficial Use of Calcium Carbide Sludge for Cement Production in China
2961   D6-P1-007 Sep. 1   Quan JIANG China Building Material Test & Certification Group Co., Ltd.,China Building Materials Academy,State Key Laboratory of Green Building Materials Study on Green Building Material Evaluation Indexes and Their Application in Sanitary Wares
3013   D6-P1-008 Sep. 1   Ping ZHAO China building materials academy The security quality system of green building materials
2300   D6-P1-009 Sep. 1   Suping CUI Beijing University of Technology Study on thermal decomposition characteristics and drying process of municipal sludge
2252   D6-P1-010 Sep. 1   Suping CUI Beijing University of Technology The calculation and experimental study on the forming heat of cement clinker made from calcium carbide slag
2958   D6-P1-011 Sep. 1   Qianjin MAO College of Materials Science and Engineering, Beijing University of Technology Effect of Sodium Fluosilicate on Cement Performance
3029   D6-P1-012 Sep. 1   Jianfeng WANG Materials Science and Engineering, Beijing University of Technology Effect of Triethanolamine on Grinding Process of Portland Cement