Symposium : D-5 : Regenerative Medicine Based upon Functional Materials
Poster Session
  *Award marks are B:Bachelor, M:Master, D:Doctor, G:General
Entry No Presentation Date Award Presenter Affiliation Paper Title
Aug. 29Poster presentations
Clock Tower Hall, 2nd Floor 13:30-16:00 
2318   D5-P29-001 Aug. 29   *M Yasuhiro WATARAI Graduate School of Science and Engineering, Yamagata University Effects of original particle size and composition on properties of starch- reinforced calcium phosphate bone paste
2447   D5-P29-002 Aug. 29   Yuki SHIROSAKI Kyushu Institute of Technology Preparation of anti-bacterial chitosan-siloxane hybrid beads with cerium ions
2574   D5-P29-003 Aug. 29   *M Taiki FUNAYAMA College of Engineering, Nihon University Preparation and evaluation of Zn-containing tricalcium phosphate ceramics
2656   D5-P29-004 Aug. 29   Yukinori YAMAUCHI College of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Matsuyama University Preparation of Novel Polymeric Prodrugs of Naproxen by Mechanochemical Solid-State Polymerization
2619   D5-P29-005 Aug. 29   *D Syuuhei KOMATSU Dept. Mater. Sci. & Technol., Tokyo Univ. of Sci., Synthesis of Biodegradable Thermoresponsive Hydrogels and Evaluation of Cell Adhesion
2725   D5-P29-006 Aug. 29   Nadia HERNANDEZ-GUERRERO Centro Conjunto de Investigacion en Quimica Sustentable UAEM-UNAM Histolocalization of magnetite nanostructures in the filamentous fungus Neurospora crassa: possible application on hyperthermia therapy
2740   D5-P29-007 Aug. 29   *M Aoi SUZUKI Chubu Center, Natinal Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology,Department of Applied Chemistry, Graduate School of Engineering, Chubu University Surface Modification of PLA Nanofiber for Coating with Calcium Phosphate
2896   D5-P29-008 Aug. 29   *M Motoharu HANASAKI National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology ,Chubu University, Department of Applied Chemistry, Graduate School of Engineering Particle Size Control of Poly(lactic acid)/Hydroxyapatite Core–Shell Nanoparticle
3124   D5-P29-009 Aug. 29   Zuzana RIEDELOVA-REICHELTOVA Institute of Macromolecular Chemistry, Academy of Science of the Czech Republic, v. v. i. Controlled Preparation of Fibrin Nanostructures for Biomedical Applications
2943   D5-P29-010 Aug. 29   *M Masaya YAMAMOTO Department of Fundamental Energy Science, Graduate School of Energy Science, Kyoto University Biomimetic fabrication of magnetic hydroxyapatite microcapsules for enzyme immobilization
3014   D5-P29-011 Aug. 29   *G Takeshi YABUTSUKA Graduate School of Energy Science, Kyoto University Biomimetic Coating of Hydroxyapatite on Polylactic Acid by Using Apatite Nuclei