Symposium : D-2 : Eco-product session
Poster Session
  *Award marks are B:Bachelor, M:Master, D:Doctor, G:General
Entry No Presentation Date Award Presenter Affiliation Paper Title
Aug. 29Poster presentations
Clock Tower Hall, 2nd Floor 13:30-16:00 
Chair : Toshihiro  OKABE Kindai university 
3377   D2-P29-001 Aug. 29   Takeshi MAEDA Graduate School of Regional Studies, Hirosaki University Creating mechanisms of Eco-friendly apple cultivation and Health awareness raising by Information technology
3909   D2-P29-002 Aug. 29   Mizuki NAKAMURA Ouu Housing Industry Development of a Housing Material with highly Thermal Insulation Performance by Containing Chaff
3436   D2-P29-003 Aug. 29   Yasunori SATO Jemio Co., Ltd Performance Evaluation of Heater for Snow Melting Attaching an Aluminum Expansion Metal
2299   D2-P29-004 Aug. 29   Yasumasa TSUKAHARA toyota corolla hachinohe corporation Research on the Practical Use of Emulsified Fuel
Aug. 31Poster presentations
Clock Tower Hall, 2nd Floor 13:30-16:00 
Chair : Kazuhiko KAKISHITA Polytechnic University 
2203   D2-P31-001 Aug. 31   Koji FUKUDA National Agriculture and Food Research Organization Study of expansion of the bioethanol production for which the paddy field to bring the multilateral effect to society was used
2838   D2-P31-002 Aug. 31   Kiyohiko FUJIMOTO Forestry and Forest Products Research Institute Energy consumption during wooden veneer tray manufacturing
3475   D2-P31-004 Aug. 31   Takashi MIKI National Agriculture and Food Research Organization, Institute for Rural Engineering A review on introduction of small hydropower generation at headworks
3581   D2-P31-005 Aug. 31   Tadashi SAKAMOTO Maniwa Biomass Plant Co.,Ltd The direction of the development of the wood biomass power generation business and the study of the utilizng method of the combustion ash
3781   D2-P31-006 Aug. 31   Takahisa NAKAI Interdisciplinary Graduate School of Science and Engineering, Shimane University The power consumption of an electrical heater in apartment buildings during the winter in Izumo, Japan
2222   D2-P31-007 Aug. 31   Enrique LIMA Instituto de Investigaciones en Materiales, Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico Cellulose with a high fractal dimension is easily hydrolysable and oxidable
2416   D2-P31-009 Aug. 31   Ying-Pin HUANG Commercialization and Industry Service Center, Industrial Technology Research Institute, Hsinchu, Taiwan (R.O.C.) Nature Extraction Applied on the Protective Treatment of Agriculture Bamboo
2590   D2-P31-010 Aug. 31   *M Sara INOUE Prefectural University of Hiroshima Grasuate School Influence of Condensed Structures in Native Lignin Derivatives on Photo-relaxation Processes
2887   D2-P31-011 Aug. 31   *M Masaki YAMAMOTO Graduate School of Comprehensive Scientific Research, Prefectural University of Hiroshima Contribution of Condensed Structures in Native Lignin Derivatives on Photo-excited Electron Transfers
2947   D2-P31-012 Aug. 31   Chu-Chieh LIN Department of Chemistry, National Chung Hsing University Reaction of (E)-2-(((pyridin-2-ylmethyl)imino)methyl)phenol with Metal Acetate (M = Ni, Cu Zn) and Their Application for Copolymerization of Epoxides/CO2
3009   D2-P31-013 Aug. 31   Chi-Tien CHEN National Chung Hsing University Biodegradable Polymers Prepared from Lactide Using Zinc Complexes Bearing Indole-Based NN-type Ligands
3604   D2-P31-014 Aug. 31   *B Makoto IZUMIYAMA Department of Science and Engineering, Yamagata University Chemical Recycling of Thermo Setting Resin in Organic Solvent
2094   D2-P31-015 Aug. 31   Shuetsu SAITO National Research and Development Agency,Forestry and Forest Products Research Institute Making method of the drying schedule by the application of the calculating formula
2270   D2-P31-016 Aug. 31   Keisuke HATA polytecnic Center Chiba Possibility of porous Carbon Material Woodceramics and Elastic Material as Raw Material for Concrete
2430   D2-P31-017 Aug. 31   Dan BATALU Faculty of Materials Science and Engineering, University POLITEHNICA of Bucharest Investigation of Mechanical Behavior of the Roman Bricks from Romula through Finite Element Analysis
3380   D2-P31-018 Aug. 31   Doppo MATSUBARA Tokyo Metropolitan Industrial Technology Research Institute Measuring Torque Coefficient of Lag-Screw Timber Joints for Developing Wood Friction Dampers
3585   D2-P31-019 Aug. 31   Hirotaka SHIMIZU Polytechnic University Influence of Freezing on Bending Strength of Carbon Material for Grounding Electrode
3732   D2-P31-020 Aug. 31   Hiroyuki SAITO Department of Mechanical Engineering, Tokyo Denki University Pitting Potential Behavior of SUS304 Staionless Steel at NaCl Environment
3722   D2-P31-022 Aug. 31   Ayumi TAKEMOTO National Institute of Technology, Okinawa College Dimensional Repeatability of the Replica Specimen using the Shock Wave Metal Molding
3539   D2-P31-023 Aug. 31   Kazuhiko OGAWA Shimane Polytechnic Junior College attached to Chugoku Polytechnic College Eco-Floor heating system by woodceramics
3396   D2-P31-026 Aug. 31   Kazuhiko KAKISHITA Polytechnic University of Japan Working Temperature Dependence of Gas Sensitivity for Woodceramics VOC Gas Sensor