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Oral Session
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Aug. 2913:30 - 16:45Oral Session
East 2F #21 
Chair : Chennupati Jagadish Australian National University 
3293   Invited   C7-I29-001 Aug. 29   13:30 14:00 Peidong YANG University of California, Berkeley CO2 + H2O + Sunlight = Chemical Fuels + O2
3960   Invited   C7-I29-003 Aug. 29   14:00 14:30 Silvija GRADECAK MIT Semiconductor nanowires for nanostructured photovoltaic devices
3688     C7-O29-004 Aug. 29   14:30 14:45 *D Yun Goo RO University of California San Diego Mechanistic Studies for the Development of Thin Si Microwire Solar Cells for Wearable Electronics
2719   Invited   C7-I29-005 Aug. 29   14:45 15:15 Kenichi KAWAGUCHI Fujitsu Limited,Fujitsu Laboratories Ltd. GaAsSb/InAs Nanowires for RF Energy Harvesting
break Aug. 29  15:15 15:30
Chair : Naoki Fukata NIMS 
3354     C7-O29-006 Aug. 29   15:30 15:45 *G Ken Charles PRADEL International Center for Materials Nanoarchitectonics, National Institute for Materials Science p-Type Sb Doped ZnO Nanowires for Piezotronics and Optoelectronics
3541   Invited   C7-I29-007 Aug. 29   15:45 16:15 Lan FU The Australian National University Compound Semiconductor Nanowires for Optoelectronic Applications
3832   Invited   C7-I29-008 Aug. 29   16:15 16:45 Zhiyong FAN The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology Fabrication of Organometal Perovskite Nanowire Arrays and Optoelectronic Devices
Aug. 309:00 - 11:00Oral Session
East 2F #21 
Chair : Shadi Dayeh University of California San Diego 
3969   Invited   C7-I30-001 Aug. 30   09:00 09:30 Yasuhiko ARAKAWA Institute for Nano Quantum Information Electronics, The University of Tokyo Growth and application of III-Nitride quantum dots in nanowires
3724   Invited   C7-I30-002 Aug. 30   09:30 10:00 Vladimir G. DUBROVSKII St. Petersburg Academic University and ITMO University Recent advances in understanding VLS growth, composition and interfacial abruptness of ternary III-V nanowires
3811   Invited   C7-I30-003 Aug. 30   10:00 10:30 Frank GLAS Centre for Nanoscience and Nanotechnology, CNRS, Universite Paris Sud, Universite Paris Saclay Thermodynamic and kinetic modeling of the growth of nanowire structures
3970   Invited   C7-I30-004 Aug. 30   10:30 11:00 Xiuling LI University of Illinois III-V Nanowire Arrays: Selective Lateral and Vertical Epitaxy and Devices
Aug. 3013:30 - 17:00Oral Session
East 2F #21 
Chair : Kenichi Kawaguchi Fujitsu Laboratories Ltd. 
3059   Invited   C7-I30-005 Aug. 30   13:30 14:00 *G Katsuhiro TOMIOKA Hokkaido University Vertical III-V nanowires on Si and transistor applications
2856     C7-O30-006 Aug. 30   14:00 14:15 Akinobu YOSHIDA Graduate School of Information Science and Technology and Research Center for Integrated Quantum Electronics, Hokkaido University Heterogeneous integration of vertical InGaAs nanowires on Ge(111) substrates by selective-area growth
3491   Invited   C7-I30-007 Aug. 30   14:15 14:45 Won Il PARK Division of Materials Science and Engineering, Hanyang University Three-dimensionally-architectured ZnO and GaN light emitting crystals
2688     C7-O30-008 Aug. 30   14:45 15:00 *D Nan GUAN Center for Nanoscience and Nanotechnology (C2N), University of Paris-Saclay Flexible Light Emitting Diodes Based on Nitride Nanowires
3141     C7-O30-009 Aug. 30   15:00 15:15 Gregor KOBLMUELLER Walter Schottky Institut Monolithically integrated nanowire lasers on Si and SOI waveguides
2187     C7-O30-010 Aug. 30   15:15 15:30 *D Valerio PIAZZA C2N, UMR9001 CNRS, University Paris Sud, University Paris Saclay Correlated electroluminescence, cathodoluminescence and electron beam induced current mapping of core-shell nanowire InGaN/GaN LEDs
break Aug. 30  15:30 15:45
Chair : Katsuhiro Tomioka Hokkaido University 
3983   Invited   C7-I30-011 Aug. 30   15:45 16:15 Sudha MOKKAPATI Cardiff University Engineering the surface and waveguide properties of GaAs nanowires
3146     C7-O30-012 Aug. 30   16:15 16:30 Gregor KOBLMUELLER Walter Schottky Institut, Technical University of Munich Comprehensive insights into Si-doping of catalyst-free InAs nanowires
2188     C7-O30-013 Aug. 30   16:30 16:45 *D Valerio PIAZZA C2N, UMR9001 CNRS, University Paris Sud, University Paris Saclay Electron beam induced current and cathodoluminescence study of InGaP/InP single nanowires containing two p-i-n junctions
2380     C7-O30-014 Aug. 30   16:45 17:00 *G Mieczyslaw Antoni PIETRZYK Institute of Physics, Polish Academy of Sciences, Aleja Lotnikow 32/46 PL-02668, Warsaw, Poland Properties of ZnO/ZnMgO nanocolumns obtained on Si and polar/nonpolar Al2O3 substrates by MBE technique
Aug. 319:00 - 11:15Oral Session
East 2F #21 
Chair : Sudha  Mokkapati Cardiff University 
2022   Invited   C7-I31-001 Aug. 31   09:00 09:30 Paul C. MCINTYRE Department of Materials Science & Engineering, Stanford University Nanowire Structure, Luminescence Characteristics and Carrier Dynamics in the SiGe, Ge and GeSn Systems
2264   Invited   C7-I31-002 Aug. 31   09:30 10:00 Jinkyoung YOO Los Alamos National Laboratory Carrier and ion transport study of Si-Ge radial nanowire heterostructures for basic energy sciences
2706   Invited   C7-I31-003 Aug. 31   10:00 10:30 Tom WU KAUST Growth of Planar and Kinked Oxide Nanowires
3339   Invited   C7-I31-004 Aug. 31   10:30 11:00 Takeshi YANAGIDA Kyushu University Metal Oxide Nanowires and Thier Promises
2308     C7-O31-005 Aug. 31   11:00 11:15 Nan PAN Hefei National Laboratory for Physical Sciences at the Microscale, University of Science and Technology of China,Synergetic Innovation Center of Quantum Information & Quantum Physics, University of Science and Technology of China,Key Laboratory of Strongly-Coupled Quantum Matter Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, School of Physical Sciences, University of Science and Technology of China Interfacial Delta-Doping of ZnO Nanowires: Towards the Excellent Optical and Electrical Properties
Aug. 3113:30 - 17:15Oral Session
East 2F #21 
Chair : Marta De Luca University of Basel  
3751   Invited   C7-I31-006 Aug. 31   13:30 14:00 Kimberly THELANDER Lund University High resolution in-situ transmission electron microscopy for understanding nanowire growth
2910   Invited   C7-I31-007 Aug. 31   14:00 14:30 Federico PANCIERA Centre for BioImaging Sciences, Department of Biological Sciences, National University of Singapore Nanowire growth investigated by high-resolution in-situ TEM
3490   Invited   C7-I31-008 Aug. 31   14:30 15:00 Sonia CONESA-BOJ Department Quantum Nanoscience, Kavli Institute of Nanoscience, Delft University of Technology, 2600 GA Delft, The Netherlands Electron Microscopy and the design of novel nanomaterials
3480   Invited   C7-I31-009 Aug. 31   15:00 15:30 Xiaozhou LIAO School of Aerospace, Mechanical & Mechatronic Engineering, The University of Sydney Exploring the Mechanical Behaviour of GaAs Nanowires Using in-situ Straining Transmission Electron Microscopy
break Aug. 31  15:30 15:45
Chair : Shadi Dayeh University of California San Diego 
3575   Invited   C7-I31-010 Aug. 31   15:45 16:15 *G Hannah Jane JOYCE Department of Engineering, University of Cambridge, United Kingdom Semiconductor nanowires in terahertz photonics: From contact-free electrical measurements to ultrafast nanowire devices
2390     C7-O31-011 Aug. 31   16:15 16:30 *G Reza R. ZAMANI Solid State Physics, Lund University, Lund Heterointerfaces in Wurtzite InAs-GaSb Nanowires: An Advanced Electron Microscopy Study
3560   Invited   C7-I31-012 Aug. 31   16:30 17:00 Zhanghai CHEN Department of Physics, Fudan University, Shanghai 200433, CHINA Exciton-Polariton Fano Resonance Driven by Second Harmonic Generation in a ZnO Microwire
2121     C7-O31-013 Aug. 31   17:00 17:15 *D Luca FRANCAVIGLIA Laboratory of Semiconductor Materials, Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne, Lausanne, Switzerland Redshift of single-photon emitters in core-shell nanowires for the optical coupling with Rubidium
Sep. 19:00 - 11:00Oral Session
East 2F #21 
Chair : Riccardo  Rurali Institut de Ciència de Materials de Barcelona 
3525   Invited   C7-I01-001 Sep. 1   09:00 09:30 Hadas SHTRIKMAN Weizmann Institute of Science The Wonders of Growth of Reclining InAs Nanowires on a (001) Substrate
2137     C7-O01-002 Sep. 1   09:30 09:45 Alois LUGSTEIN Technische Universitaet Wien Room Temperature Quantum Ballistic Transport in Monolithic Al-Ge-Al Nanowire Heterostructures
3253   Invited   C7-I01-003 Sep. 1   09:45 10:15 Antonio POLIMENI Dipartimento di Fisica, Sapienza Universita' di Roma Transport and spin properties of excitons, electrons, and holes in wurtzite nanowires
3975   Invited   C7-I01-004 Sep. 1   10:15 10:45 Erik P.A.M. BAKKERS QuTech and Kavli Institute of NanoScience, Delft University of Technology,Department of Applied Physics, Eindhoven University of Technology Bottom-up grown nanowire quantum devices
3433     C7-O01-005 Sep. 1   10:45 11:00 Adam Paul MICOLICH School of Physics, University of New South Wales, Sydney NSW 2052, Australia Using a parylene thin-film as an organic gate insulator in nanowire transistors
Sep. 113:30 - 15:30Oral Session
East 2F #21 
Chair : Naoki Fukata NIMS 
3432   Invited   C7-I01-006 Sep. 1   13:30 14:00 Adam Paul MICOLICH Physics, University of New South Wales, Australia Hybrid nanowire ion-to-electron transducers for integrated bioelectronic circuitry
3710     C7-O01-007 Sep. 1   14:00 14:15 *D Ren LIU Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, University of California San Diego High Density Individually Addressable Nanowire Arrays Record Intracellular Activity from Primary Rodent and Human Stem Cell Derived Neurons
3479   Invited   C7-I01-008 Sep. 1   14:15 14:45 Riccardo RURALI Institut de Ciencia de Materials de Barcelona (ICMAB-CSIC) Thermal conductivity by design of semiconducting nanowires
2032     C7-O01-009 Sep. 1   14:45 15:00 *G Zhao WANG Guangxi University Contact of nanowires: Temperature- and velocity-dependent strongest size
3503   Invited   C7-I01-010 Sep. 1   15:00 15:30 Guoqiang ZHANG NTT Basic Research Laboratories, NTT Corpoartion InP/InAs heterostructure nanowires by self-catalyzed vapor-liquid-solid mode