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Aug. 309:00 - 11:00Symposium C-5 Oral 1
East 3F #32 
Chair : Masaharu  Shiratani Kyushu University 
2526   Keynote   C5-K30-001 Aug. 30   09:00 09:30 Masaru HORI Institute of Innovation for Future Society, Nagoya University A Challenge for Future Carbon Devices by Advanced Plasma Nano-Processes
2305   Invited   C5-I30-002 Aug. 30   09:30 10:00 Heeyeop CHAE School of Chemical Engineering, Sungkyunkwan University (SKKU) Multilayer Moisture Barrier Layers Deposited by Low-Temperature Plasma- Enhanced Chemical Vapor Deposition and Plasma-Enhanced Atomic Layer Deposition Processes for Flexible Devices
2926   Invited   C5-I30-003 Aug. 30   10:00 10:30 Toshiaki KATO Department of Electronic Engineering, Tohoku University Atomic-Structure-Controlled Synthesis of Atomically-Thin Layered Materials with Nanoscale Plasma Processing
2104   Invited   C5-I30-004 Aug. 30   10:30 11:00 Nozomi TAKEUCHI National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology,Tokyo Institute of Technology Modification of Carbon Materials Using Plasma-Based Advanced Oxidation Processes
Aug. 3013:45 - 15:45Symposium C-5 Oral 2
East 3F #32 
Chair : Shota Nunomura National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology 
3568   Keynote   C5-K30-005 Aug. 30   13:45 14:15 Naho ITAGAKI Kyushu University Fabrication of High-Mobility Amorphous In2O3:Sn Films by RF Magnetron Sputtering with Impurity-Mediated Amorphization Method
2965   Invited   C5-I30-006 Aug. 30   14:15 14:45 Yoshinobu MATSUDA Graduate School of Engineering, Nagasaki University Diagnostic Research on Magnetron Sputter-Deposition of Metal-Doped ZnO Films
2010     C5-O30-007 Aug. 30   14:45 15:00 Hiroharu KAWASAKI National Institute of Technology, Sasebo College Preparation of metal doped thin film by sputtering method using some kinds of metal mixed powder target
2293     C5-O30-008 Aug. 30   15:00 15:15 Hajime SHIRAI Graduate School of Science and Enginnering of Saitama University Charged Mist Deposition (CMD) of Organics on Textured Si
2888     C5-O30-009 Aug. 30   15:15 15:30 *D Chao LI Department of Electronic Engineering, Tohoku University Synthesis of High Quality and Large Crystal Size WS2 with Rapid Cooling CVD
2990     C5-O30-010 Aug. 30   15:30 15:45 Geronimo PEREZ Coordenacao de Nanotecnologia - UFRJ-Xerem, RJ,Divisao de Metrologia de Materiais - Inmetro, RJ,Departamento de Engenharia de Materiais - PUC Fe3O4 Magnetic Arrays Produced by Targets from Magnetite Nanoparticles
Break Aug. 30  15:45 16:00
Aug. 3016:00 - 18:00Symposium C-5 Oral 3 
Chair : Nozomi Takeuchi Tokyo Institute of Technology 
2479     C5-O30-011 Aug. 30   16:00 16:15 *D Naoki SAKURA Department of Chemical Engineering, Faculty of Engneering, Kyushu University Investigation of Erosion Mechanism of Tungsten-Based Cathode in Ar-N2 DC Arc
2496     C5-O30-012 Aug. 30   16:15 16:30 *D Rui HU Graduate School of Science and Technology, Shizuoka University,Institute of Plasma Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences Controlled synthesis of carbon-based nanomaterials by an arc discharge method
3899     C5-O30-013 Aug. 30   16:30 16:45 *D Yongang ZHANG Faculty of Engineering, University of Auckland, New Zealand Understanding the formation of plasma-sprayed Ni20Cr splats through observing the splat-substrate interface
3072     C5-O30-014 Aug. 30   16:45 17:00 *B Zhi Zhi CHEN No.2 High School of East China Normal University Microstructure and Electrocatalytic Activity of CoO/Co Nanocomposites Prepared by the Induction Plasma Method
3171     C5-O30-015 Aug. 30   17:00 17:15 *G Pavel SOLAR Department of Macromolecular Physics, Faculty of Mathematics and Physics, Charles University Multicore-shell nanoparticles with metal cores and plasma polymer shell
3214     C5-O30-016 Aug. 30   17:15 17:30 Ondrej KYLIAN Charles University, Faculty of Mathematics and Physics In-flight deposition of plasma polymer shells onto Cu nanoparticles produced by gas aggregation source
2773     C5-O30-017 Aug. 30   17:30 17:45 Yasushi INOUE Department of Mechanical Science and Engineering, Chiba Institute of Technology,Deaprtment of Advanced Materials Science and Engineering, Chiba Institute of Technology Microstructure Formation Processes in Plasma-polymerized SiO:CH Particle Deposition by CCP-CVD
2893     C5-O30-018 Aug. 30   17:45 18:00 *M Kazuma TANAKA Kyushu University Film thickness dependence of structure of a-Si:H thin films measured by Raman spectroscopy
Aug. 319:00 - 11:00Symposium C-5 Oral 4
East 3F #32 
Chair : Haruka Suzuki Nagoya University 
3390   Keynote   C5-K31-001 Aug. 31   09:00 09:30 Meyya MEYYAPPAN NASA Ames Research Center Low Temperature Plasmas in Nanotechnology Applications
3066   Invited   C5-I31-002 Aug. 31   09:30 10:00 Tsuyohito ITO The University of Tokyo,Osaka University Plasma processing in a microdroplet microreactor
2796     C5-O31-003 Aug. 31   10:00 10:15 *D Bin XU Department of Electronic Engineering, Tohoku University Elucidation of Direct Correlation between Catalyst Surface State and Chirality Species of Single-Walled Carbon Nanotube Grown by Diffusion Plasma CVD
2837     C5-O31-004 Aug. 31   10:15 10:30 Motonobu GOTO Department of Chemical Engineering, Nagoya University Synthesis of Au/TiO2 composite nanoparticles by laser ablation in liquid media
3192     C5-O31-005 Aug. 31   10:30 10:45 Jan LANCOK Department of Analysis of Functional Materials , Institute of Physics AS CR Plasmonic behaviour of metal-fluoride nanocomposites fabricated by pulsed laser deposition and evaporation
3661     C5-O31-006 Aug. 31   10:45 11:00 *M Shusaku TERAKAWA Nagoya Institute of Technology Fabrication of Molybdenum Carbide Nanoparticles by Femtosecond Laser Ablation of Molybdenum in Hexane
Aug. 3113:45 - 15:45Symposium C-5 Oral 5
East 3F #32 
Chair : Tsuyohito Ito The University of Tokyo 
2634   Keynote   C5-K31-007 Aug. 31   13:45 14:15 Christine CHARLES Space Plasma and Plasma Laboratory, Research School of Physics and Engineering, The Australian National University Advanced plasma technologies for ‘CubeSat’ nano-satellites
2570   Invited   C5-I31-008 Aug. 31   14:15 14:45 *G Kazunori TAKAHASHI Department of Electrical Engineering, Tohoku University Localized electron heating and cooling in a magnetic-filtered standing helicon source
3842   Invited   C5-I31-009 Aug. 31   14:45 15:15 Hyoyoung LEE Centre for Integrated Nanostructure Physics, Institute of Basic Science, Department of Chemistry and Department of Energy Science, Sungkyunkwan University Surface disordered/ordered P-25 TiO2 nanoparticles prepared under room-temperature solution processing
3202   Invited   C5-I31-010 Aug. 31   15:15 15:45 Takayuki OHTA Meijo University Novel surface assisted laser desorption / ionization mass spectrometry using carbon nanowalls for analyzing bio molecules
Break Aug. 31  15:45 16:00
Aug. 3116:00 - 17:45Symposium C-5 Oral 6
East 3F #32 
Chair : Kosuke Takenaka Osaka University 
2873   Invited   C5-I31-011 Aug. 31   16:00 16:30 *G Haruka SUZUKI Nagoya University Meter-scale microwave plasma production with various discharge gases for large-area surface treatment under atmospheric pressure
2585     C5-O31-012 Aug. 31   16:30 16:45 *M Takashi KOJIMA Kyushu Univ. A Theoretical Model for Time Evolution of Radical Deposition Rate in Silane Plasma CVD
2278     C5-O31-013 Aug. 31   16:45 17:00 Masaharu SHIRATANI Kyushu University Effects of bias voltage on the surface morphology of a-C:H films deposited using Ar + H2+ C7H8 Plasma CVD
3164     C5-O31-014 Aug. 31   17:00 17:15 Noriaki SANO Kyoto University An Effort to Obtain High-Temperature Superconductor Nanoparticles by Synthesis Using Gas-Injected Arc-in-Water Method
3441     C5-O31-015 Aug. 31   17:15 17:30 *M Abdelrahman Mohamed FARGHALI Graduate School of Engineering and Science, Shibaura Institute of Technology Nano-Structuring of AISI304 Stainless Steels by Nitrogen Super-Saturation
2360     C5-O31-016 Aug. 31   17:30 17:45 Wei-Hung CHIANG National Taiwan University of Science and Technology Facile Synthesis of Graphene Quantum Dots by Microplasma-assisted Electrochemistry
Sep. 19:00 - 11:00Symposium C-5 Oral 7
East 3F #32 
Chair : Giichiro Uchida Osaka University 
3785   Keynote   C5-K01-001 Sep. 1   09:00 09:30 Eun Ha CHOI Plasma Bioscience Research Center, Kwangwoon University Nonthermal Biocompatible Plasma (NBP) Sources and their Characteristics for Plasma Medicine
2491   Invited   C5-I01-002 Sep. 1   09:30 10:00 Yoko YAMANISHI Kyushu University Emerging Functions of Plasma-induced Bubbles
2190   Invited   C5-I01-003 Sep. 1   10:00 10:30 Satoshi UCHIDA Graduate School of Science and Engineering, Tokyo Metropolitan University Comprehensive Modeling of Nanointerface between Plasma and Biomolecules with Molecular Dynamics
3422     C5-O01-004 Sep. 1   10:30 10:45 Toshiyuki KAWASAKI Nippon Bunri University Storage and Transportation of Reactive Oxygen Species in Tissue Phantom Irradiated with Non-thermal Plasma Jet
3760     C5-O01-005 Sep. 1   10:45 11:00 Jun-Seok OH Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Meijo University Diagnostics of Nitric Oxide Generated by Atmospheric-Pressure Plasma
Sep. 113:45 - 16:15Symposium C-5 Oral 8
East 3F #32 
Chair : Jun-Seok Oh Meijo University 
2741   Keynote   C5-K01-006 Sep. 1   13:45 14:15 Nobuya HAYASHI Interdisciplinary Graduate School of Engineering Sciences, Kyushu University Modification of gene expression of plants induced by active oxygen species in oxygen plasma
3221     C5-O01-007 Sep. 1   14:15 14:30 Giichiro UCHIDA Joining and Welding Research Institute, Osaka University Irradiation of a nonequilibrium plasma jet to liquid water with amino acids
3062     C5-O01-008 Sep. 1   14:30 14:45 *M Yutaka KIMURA Department of Electronic Engineering, Tohoku University Characterization on Liquid Phase Reactive Nitrogen Species Generated by Atmospheric Pressure Plasma
2869     C5-O01-009 Sep. 1   14:45 15:00 Tatsuru SHIRAFUJI Graduate School of Engineering, Osaka City University Hydrophilic Treatment on Internal Surfaces of an Interconnected Porous Scaffold Using Propagation of Plasma Bullets from an Atmospheric Pressure Plasma Jet of Helium Gas
2242     C5-O01-010 Sep. 1   15:00 15:15 *G Wei WEI School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, Southeast University A visual, label-free plasmonic tumor biomarkers monitor based on enzymatic etching of gold nanorods
3232   Invited   C5-I01-011 Sep. 1   15:15 15:45 Kosuke TAKENAKA Osaka University Functional Thin Film Deposition by Advanced Plasma Assisted CVD & PVD Process
3050     C5-O01-012 Sep. 1   15:45 16:00 Mitsuru SASAKI Institute of Pulsed Power Science, Kumamoto University,Graduate School of Science and Technology, Kumamoto University Development of an environmentally benign method for oligopeptides production with a hydrothermal treatment - pulsed discharge hybrid system: Reaction pathway and mechanism
2815     C5-O01-013 Sep. 1   16:00 16:15 *M Susumu TOKO Kyushu University Effects of H2 flow rate on methanation of CO2 using low pressure nonthermal plasma