Symposia & Program

C-5 Frontier of nano-materials based on advanced plasma technologies



Prof. Toshiro KANEKO Tohoku University


Prof. Masaharu SHIRATANI Kyushu University


Prof. Kenji ISHIKAWA Nagoya University
Prof. Yasushi INOUE Chiba Institute of Technology
Dr. Jaeho KIM National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology
Prof. Yuichi SETSUHARA Osaka University
Prof. Kazuo TERASHIMA The University of Tokyo
Prof. Jin-Hyo Boo Sungkyunkwan University
Prof. XinPei Lu College of EEE, Huazhong University of Sci. &Technol
Prof. Cheng-Che Hsu National Taiwan University
Prof. Dheerawan Boonyawan Chiang Mai Univ.
Prof. Rod Boswell Australian National Univ.
Prof. Pietro Favia University of Bari
Dr. Meyya Meyyapan NASA Ames Research Center
Prof. Rajdeep Singh Rawat National Inst. Education


Plasma process is a key technology for synthesis of functional nanomaterials, which can evolve into industrial platforms for nanodevice fabrication technologies including bio-inspired nano processes. In addition to a variety of conventional plasma processes, much attention has been paid to novel plasma technologies including tmospheric-pressure non-thermal plasmas, which have been actively studied for applications to surface modifications and ultra-high-rate fabrication of functional nanomaterials. Major objective of this session is to provide an interdisciplinary forum for scientists and engineers in research areas including plasma technologies and nanomaterials to enhance discussions on latest achievements and challenges on the frontier of nanomaterials fabrications based on advanced plasma technologies; characterization and control of subsurface reactions in the advanced plasma processes, synthesis of novel nanomaterials, nanostructure control of materials and novel functionality of nanomaterials.


1. Advanced Plasma Processes for Green Nanotechnologies
2. Functional Nanomaterials Fabrications and Nanostructure Control
3. Plasma Processes for Energy and Environmental Applications
4. Plasma Medicine and Bio-Inspired Nano Processes
5. Advanced Plasmas & Surface Diagnostics
6. Deposition Processes
7. Etching Processes
8. Simulation and Database

Keynote Speakers & Invited Speakers (tentative)

Dr. Meyya Meyyappan NASA Ames Research Center
Prof. Christine Charles Australian National University
Advanced plasma technologies for ‘CubeSat’ nano-satellites
Prof. Eun Ha Choi Kwangwoon University
Prof. Heeyeop Chae SungKyunKwan University
Multilayer Moisture Barrier Layers Deposited by Low-Temperature Plasma- Enhanced Chemical Vapor Deposition and Plasma-Enhanced Atomic Layer Deposition Processes for Flexible Devices
Prof. Hyo Young Lee Sungkyunkwan University
Dr. Haruka Suzuki Nagoya University
Meter-scale microwave plasma production with various discharge gases for large-area surface treatment under atmospheric pressure
Prof. Kazunori Takahashi Tohoku University
Localized electron heating and cooling in a magnetic-filtered standing helicon source
Prof. Kosuke Takenaka Osaka University
Functional Thin Film Deposition by Advanced Plasma Assisted CVD & PVD Process
Prof. Masaru Hori Nagoya University
A Challenge for Future Carbon Devices by Advanced Plasma Nano-Processes
Prof. Naho Itagaki Kyushu University
Inverse Stranski-Krastanov growth of single crystalline ZnO films on lattice mismatched substrates utilizing RF magnetron sputtering
Prof. Nobuya Hayashi Kyushu University
Modification of gene expression of plants induced by active oxygen species in oxygen plasma
Dr. Nozomi Takeuchi Tokyo Institute of Technology
Modification of Carbon Materials Using Plasma-Based Advanced Oxidation Processes
Prof. Satoshi Uchida Tokyo Metropolitan University
Comprehensive Modeling of Nanointerface between Plasma and Biomolecules with Molecular Dynamics
Prof. Takayuki Ohta Meijo University
Novel surface assisted laser desorption / ionization mass spectrometry using carbon nanowalls for analyzing bio molecules
Prof. Toshiaki Kato Tohoku University
Atomic-Structure-Controlled Synthesis of Atomically-Thin Layered Materials with Nanoscale Plasma Processing
Prof. Tsuyohito Ito The University of Tokyo
Plasma processing in a microdroplet microreactor
Prof. Yoko Yamanishi Kyushu University
Emerging Functions of Plasma-induced Bubbles
Prof. Yoshinobu Matsuda Nagasaki University
Diagnostic Research on Magnetron Sputter-Deposition of Metal-Doped ZnO Films