Symposia & Program

D-5 Regenerative Medicine Based upon Functional Materials



Prof. Masanori Kikuchi National Insitute for Materials Science


Prof. Yuki Shirosaki Kyushu Institute of Technology


Prof. Maria Lopes Universidade do Porto
Dr. Motohiro Hirose National Insitute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology
Prof. Min Wang The University of Hong Kong
Prof. Masaya Yamamoro Kyoto University
Prof. Yin Xiao Queensland University of Technology
Prof. Swee Hin Teoh Nanyang Technological University


Regenerative medicine is a key technology to future medicine for aged societies in advanced countries as well as curing intractable diseases whole world. Recent topics on regenerative medicine are mainly focused on cells and their biochemical responses. Even they need carrier materials for cells and/or biofunctional chemicals with high biocompatibility, only few attentions are paid to basic biological functions of carrier materials themselves including biocompatibility. In fact, highly biofunctional materials will work in both in vitro and in vivo tissue regeneration. In this symposium, focus is pointed to biological functional materials with high biocompatibility which contribute to regenerative medicine as a carrier of both cells and biofunctional chemicals.


1. Biomaterials
2. Biofunction
3. Carrier
4. Scaffold
5. Regenerative medicine

Keynote Speakers & Invited Speakers (tentative)

Prof. Masahiro KINO-OKA Osaka University, JAPAN
Prof. Joao MANO University of Aveiro, PORTUGAL
Open and closed polymeric multilayered structures for tissue engineering
Dr. Ken-ichiro KAMEI Kyoto University, JAPAN